• Evolution
of your Brand

The 5 Stages of Branding

1. Brand Awareness

Make qualified business prospects aware of your company and its services.

2. Brand Image

Promote a strong, positive brand image.

3. Brand Identity

Have prospects identify your company as a leader in its category.

4. Brand Insistence

Have prospects insist on your company.

5. Brand Advocacy

Have prospects and clients recommend your company and products to others.

Cultivating Your Brand

Here are the questions you want every qualified personal and business prospect to answer “yes!” to:

  • Do they really know who your company is?
  • Do they like you?
  • Do they trust you?

In almost every business, the glue that makes customers stick comes from personal, positive interactions.  Regardless of how automated your company is, you are not a faceless corporation.  You are a service organization made up of competent, caring experts, thought leaders and innovators.  Most importantly you produce products  and services that help people.

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